Greenwich Couplings

Although designed for use with 4mm scale rolling stock the Greenwich Coupling can be easily adapted for use with the Rugga chassis and more details can be found in issue 50 of the NG&IRM. We are making a small demonstration unit using the Rugga kits for use at exhibitions. Etched hooks are available from KBscale to make the conversion faster and easier. Instructions for using these hooks can be viewed by clicking here.

The Greenwich Coupling is not a completely new invention but rather an improvement on the systems that were available at the time. This includes developing a process that blackens the brass fret so that it does not require painting after being built (apart from the occasional touch up). This means that paint is not clogging up the moving parts.

The Greenwich Couplings come as a black brass etched sheet kit. The couplings are cut out and folded into the correct shape. A small amount of steel wire (provided) is wound around a part of the coupling that protrudes backwards at an angle. This lifts the coupling open when moving over a magnetic field, either permanent or electromagnetic.

Small permanent magnets for use as fixed uncoupling positions on a layout are also available.

CPL 1 - Greenwich couplings (5 pairs), inculdes pivot pins and steel wire



MAG 1 - Uncoupling Magnet (10), 6mm diameter x 3mm thick

GAG 1 - Coupling Height and Magnet Depth Gauge.  Note - designed for 4mm scale rolling stock

HK01 - Hooks for Rugga Chassis, 20pcs for standard chassis and 10pcs for brake end conversion


. The different size hooks are to compensate for the height differences of the brake end part



Link and Pin Couplings



CL01 - Coupling Link (10), blackened brass

CL02 - Coupling Link (100), blackened brass

CP01 - Coupling Pin (10), turned blackened brass

CP02 - Coupling Pin (100), turned blackened brass