News from KBscale

10/10/2017 - We have a number of Mashima 1015 motors available again. At the moment we cannot supply any moulded parts as most of the workshop is packed for impending house move. Hopefully we will be back in action towards the end of the year.

7/10/2016 - Due to the huge number of orders for O14 at the moment we have to remove most of the moulding items from the shop. Hopefully we will be back to normal in the new year.

10/6/2016 - We are out of stock of the Mashima 1015 motor that is used in most of our loco kits. We have a batch due towards the end of July and then the loco kits will be listed again. Unfortunately there is bad news as Mashima will cease production after the current orders are fulfilled. In the past I have tried to find a suitable replacement and while I found something with the same size the quality was not acceptable and being a three-pole motor the performance was lacking.

24/11/14 - Pre-orders for the KBCH06 Chassis Kit are now shipping- these are for the Wrightlines Channel Frame Simplex (W260). While primarily designed for this kit the mounting brackets are detachable and there are two additional mounting holes on the main chassis for other uses. We also have a small etch to replace parts 27, 30, 31, 32 of the Wrightlines body kit.

24/11/14 - Pre-orders for the Lister are now starting to be shipped.

10/11/14 - The LK05 Hudson Hudswell 0-6-0T Locomotive Kit are now being produced in batches. Please contact us if you would like to reserve a kit from the next batch. No payment is required until shipping. No payment is required until the reserved kit is shipped.

10/11/14 - WA030, WA040, WA033 Vee Tippers are back in stock at long last.

29/10/14 - We are aiming to have the Lister back in stock soon. New moulds have been produced for the lost-wax body and detail castings. The kit will have an etched nickel silver chassis featuring our 10:1 and 12:1 helical work gearsets - the overall ration will be 120:1.

17/9/12 - Hudson 'Rugga' brake conversions are now supplied as a separate kit to make it easier to order as many as you need.

22/5/12 - Diema DL6 for 12mm and 14mm gauges now shipping.

9/3/12 - Gearbox drawings are now available to download. The motor mounting holes are slotted to allow use of motors with 8mm or 8.5mm pitch.

Gearbox Planner for 2mm Axles

Gearbox Planner for 1/8" Axles

Special gearboxes can also be supplied - contact us with your requirements.

2/2/12 - New worm and worm wheels gear sets now in stock with 15:1, 12;1 and 10:1 ratios.

2/2/12 - Currently finishing the revised chassis etches for the Deutz so these will be back in stock soon. The Diema and R&R will be ready soon. The new gears mean that I can also offer the Diema DL6 with a 12mm gauge chassis. The new chassis for the Lister is also ready to do - again just waiting for gears and this will be back in stock.

4/1/12 - We are having some supply issues with gears and this is effecting the introduction of new loco kits - hopefully it will be resolved soon

2/1/12 - Happy New year! Sorry for the lack of updates recently - normal service should be resumed soon.

17/6/11 - There has always been one part of the Rapier construction that I have never been entirely happy with and this is the main reason for the delay. I have decided to completely redraw these parts to make it easier to assemble. Everything else is ready to go so it won't be long now.

12/5/11 - Wagon Wheels page updated with current types in stock and currently under-way. Let us know if you need something different.

23/3/11 - The LBT/LBU chassis has been updated to make assembly a little easier and to incorporate the new 15:1 all-metal gears.

23/3/11 - The R&R loco kit is a little delayed while we finish production of the correct pattern wheels.

17/11/10 - Karlgarin 82/7 Code 82 Rail now in stock

4/11/10 - We are currently reviewing all the wheel projects and tooling and making a new page for online ordering. Lots of wheels under development. Let us know what you need!

17/9/10 - We restarted work on the ready-to-lay turnout bases project and started to make some tooling test cutting. However, the desktop CNC isn't accurate enough so it has been rebuilt with new lead screws and a much thicker bed.

10/9/10 - Both versions of the Hudson Hunslet are now in stock.

25/5/10 - Due to several requests from scratchbuilders we have added individual gears to the 'Motors & Gears" pages.

12/5/10 - Instructions for fitting Greenwich Couplings to the Rugga chassis using our etched hooks now available for download here

12/5/10 - Rolling stock kits back in stock. Sorry for the long delay!

26/4/10 - Some work is happening on the Wren. Test castings have been produced.

26/4/10 - The earlier version of the Hudson Hunslet kit will be delayed while we re-do the nose castings.

3/3/10 - New and improved link & pin couplings will now be included in the rolling stock kits. These are also available to buy at the bottom of the couplings page

1/3/10 - Hudson Hunslet kit will be available to order soon!

10/11/09 - Lost wax brass castings for the Hudson Hunslet are now ready. Test building in progress.

10/8/09 - The first test etches for the Hudson Hunslet are being assembled. There is a still a little work to to as we are experimenting with the etched grilles to get them as fine as possible. We might be biased, but they really are looking good.

22/7/09 - New etched hooks are planned for easy use of the Greenwich Coupling links on the Rugga chassis.

20/7/09 - Rivets for turnout tie bars added to shop.

10/7/09 - The new gearbox (GBLK05) featured in the Hudson Hudswell kit is now available as a separate item for use with the original versions offered by Roy C Link and Wrightlines. See Motors & Gears page. The 59:1 two-stage gearbox is used as a part of the etched chassis and allows the Mashima 10/15 to be truly vertical in the firebox.

10/7/09 - The new nickel silver chassis etch for the Ruston LBT kit is ready. This will replace the original milled chassis. The new parts will allow us to offer the kit at a lower price. The chassis kit will also be available separately.

30/6/09 - L&B Rail Clips to suit the Karlgarin 82/7 rail are now in stock - see Track Parts page.

27/6/09 - Roller track gauges to suit the Karlgarin 82/7 rail are now in stock - see Track Parts page.